Appearances and Lectures


Psychic Suzanna is a proven audience draw and improver of circulation.
Suzanna is entertaining! She combines truth and humor to create new understanding. Her lectures may be tailored to large or small groups and to time specifications. Some possible topics include:

  • "Understanding Your Reality"
  • "Establishing The Power of the Universe"
  • "Using the "I AM" Principal"
  • "Finding and Working Your Own Miracles"

To schedule appearances for your organization or to carry her column in your newspaper.

Contact Suzanna at

Psychic Revelations with Suzanna
P. O. Box 2545
Sioux City, IA 51106
Phone: (712) 276-9349


What do others say about Suzanna's appearances?

Here's a sample:

"Well to say the least, you were a "big hit" at our convention in St. Louis. The attendees, board members, and staff are still referring to your predictions. Our goal was to add an attraction at the membership booth to pull in the people and you certainly accomplished that for us. And everyone had a great time! Thanks again!

Pam Husk, Directory of Trade Shows, Missouri Restaurant Association

We recently held WHUD's annual on-air auction for the Westchester Medical Center's Children's Hospital. It featured much sought after holiday gifts such as the Sony play Station 2, and one of a kind items like tickets to a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, including a ride on the Zamboni at half time!

Just for fun, we auctioned lunch in a listener's home with Psychic Suzanna. The phones went nuts, and the highest bid for Psychic Susanna was $1, 025! (The Rangers package went for $ 750),

The person who was outbid at $1,000 was heartbroken, so Suzanna agreed to go to her house too if she would write the $ 1,000 check to The Westchester Medical Center's Children's Hospital.

She did! Thanks to Psychic Susanna, WHUD had a record-breaking auction that benefited a Children's Hospital in the heart of our listening area.

Psychic Suzanna is happy and boisterous and positive and a shot in the arm for your audience!

John & Kasey Morning Show, WHUD Radio, Hudson Valley, New York


How can I tell you how much our people loved having you there? I always heard that people are most interested in hearing about themselves, but seeing is believing.

I especially wanted to thank you for the extra time you spent at our welcome reception. I know the lines were long and they would have been very disappointed had you told them time was up. I should have known, you are a real trouper.

As a starter for our six state regional convention you were a fabulous success setting the tone for the rest of the convention.

I hope it will be my pleasure to ask you to come again real soon. Working as entertainment and as a serious seminar speaker you were a big help to our agendaThanks Again!

Jan Johnson, CEO

Mid-America BowlFest Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.