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Hear Suzanna on the radio internationally! Call in and ask questions on the air! Suzanna is interesting!  Her call-in radio shows are enlightening, humorous and inspirational. Remaining anonymous while seeking advice.  You'll hear Suzanna on several radio stations each week.
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"In all honesty, we are not big on psychic shows or guests on WHO radio. However, we had Psychic Suzanna on one of our talk shows one day and had so much fun with her and her personality, that we have had her back as a frequent guest.  I guess many people are interested in learning what someone else feels their future may be, but above and beyond that, almost everyone enjoys hearing a fun, positive, unique personality on the air. Psychic Suzanna is definitely that. She's become one of the family around here, from her appearances on both WHO radio and WHO-TV.

Sincerely, Van Harden, Program Director, WHO Radio, Des Moines, IA


Suzanna is a television personality and newspaper columnist. She is a proven audience draw and improve of circulation.

Suzanna is entertaining! She combines truth and humor to create new understanding. Her lectures may be tailored to large or small groups and to time specifications. Some possible topics include:

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